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Let your imagination take flight

Amanzi offers some of the most brilliant bird watching experiences! You may not consider yourself a birder, but with over 500 species to look out for in The Lower Zambezi National Park, you’re bound to be seduced by the colours, shapes and remarkable behaviour of our feathered neighbours.

We can lend you binoculars and field guides to help you make the most of your rewarding new hobby.

From the electric flash of a kingfisher darting into the water to the slow wingbeats of an enormous ground hornbill, this region is alive with birds. The cry of the African fish eagle is one of the most evocative sounds of the Lower Zambezi and is frequently heard echoing across the river.

Dedicated birders will relish the chance to add ‘lifers’ to their bird list, with species like the Osprey, Lillian’s love birds, Western Banded Snake Eagle and Pels fishing owl being particular highlights.

Amanzi Zambezi heron sketch by Kim Kay