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Keep an eye on the Tiger

The African tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) is renowned as a legendary gamefish and represents a serious challenge. This stealthy, voracious predator is famous for its thrilling leaps from the water, with the sun glinting on its striped flanks. It is renowned for its tenacity and refusal to surrender.

Landing a tiger is a serious achievement, and a close encounter makes it clear just how it came by its name: its striped sides and dramatic teeth recall its big cat namesake.

At Amanzi, we are committed to sustainable fishing practices, so all fish caught are released back into the mighty Zambezi to live – and fight – another day.

Our guides know the river to either side of Amanzi like the back of their hands, including all the best spots to hook a tiger.

The best time of the year to fish the Lower Zambezi is between April and the end of November. We provide spinning rods and lures, but for the ultimate flyfishing challenge, we would recommend that you bring your own rods and flies.

Amanzi Zambezi Kingfisher sketch by Kim Kay